Muhammad Bugashata

Muhammad Bugashata is a passionate and experienced designer dedicated to creating beautiful and functional design solutions. Born in Tripoli, Libya, on November 30, 1991, Muhammad’s love for advertising design and graphics sparked during his studies at Al-Riffaq University in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. Choosing to pursue his passion, he immersed himself in learning from experienced designers, gaining practical experience, and honing his skills in various design fields.

With over 10 years of experience, Muhammad has cultivated a diverse skill set and a meticulous attention to detail. His expertise spans publication and book design, product design, trademarks, and website design. Alongside his strong creative and art direction skills, Muhammad excels in effective communication and understanding clients’ aspirations, emphasizing the visual aspect of their businesses. He is well-versed in both digital and physical design processes, including printing and montage work.

Throughout his career, Muhammad has worked with reputable companies such as Media Square Multimedia, Touch Marketing & Advertising, and Rama Advertising. Additionally, he established his own successful freelance agency, offering design and consulting services. As an Executive Creative Director at Zoo Studio, Muhammad spearheaded impactful campaigns, guided significant business rebranding efforts, and provided long-term brand consultation for partners. Currently, he serves as the creative director of Arkanu Studio, a venture he co-founded.

Committed to ongoing growth and knowledge sharing, Muhammad aims to build a community of designers who prioritize work principles. He is particularly passionate about developing Arabic content, fostering local identity, and promoting it on a global scale.